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Jun 07 2011

ETF Advisor Audio Interview

Here is an audio interview featuring ETF advisor Fred Meissner on

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Dec 22 2010

Fred Meissner Discusses ETF Timing On

Here is a quick video from Fred Meissner, of, being interviewed about his thoughts for ETF timing and investing for the first part of 2011:

Included below is’s transcript of the video:

“Red lines — publisher of the — report is seen indications. Are that we are going to have a peak — equity markets and he’s here. More about that — so. You’re gonna your chart and you see indications that there’s — coming up.

Yes some of the indicators I look at are suggesting that this year end rally. We’ll give way UA’s — of significance in the first quarter next year but I still think we should have a good finish in the years the end of 2000. What are the reasons why. I think the economy is still improving worldwide. I think you’re gonna see inflation really start to win here in the deflation scare go away. And that should be very significant for stock crisis — seeking — national. Internationally — continued economic improvement in Asia combined with some European sovereign debt fears. But I think that’s gonna create an interesting situation where. The dollar and commodities can rise together unlike this year where commodities in the dollar moves opposite the reason as commodities have their own fundamentals tail. And increased demand for the commodities combined with Europe fears. Means of both can move up together at the dollar rises to there will be a lot of people saying you can’t be in the money markets. That maybe — key here next year.

Aren’t so don’t be afraid of the dollar goes up to stay with the commodity — Absolutely that’s right exactly who are at the — what is the best commodity — and ordered quite.

I would probably use one of the gold ETFs like she LT RI AEU would be a good one. Some of the or he’ll — he asked the DV I was an interesting — the US I was an interesting one I think you wanna be an oil and gold and then move and agricultural more.

What’s the — And as far as the international front which if he answered that’s for that —

We’ve been working at the Fred report mostly with Singapore which — EW west Malaysia which is he WM rather than China. We liked the idea of buying the people that are selling to China and not the Chinese. If you’re going to be in China though I would look at something like the HBO which is Chinese small caps they seem to be performing better right.

It looks like without blemish shaping up to be an interesting year.

I think so we will hopefully have a nice profitable year.”

Nov 15 2010

Market Investing Interview On iTunes

Back in June of 2010, Fred Meissner was interviewed by  To hear the interview you must have iTunes installed; and you will choose the one on the list dated “20 6 10”: